The Victor Fellowship

I received the Victor Hasselblad Fellowship 2013 on BFA level for my works This is not my Revolution and War as an Abstraction. Here's a short bio and motivation published by the Hasselblad Foundation:

Malin Bernalt from Stockholm, who received a Bachelor of Arts in Photography at at Valand Fine Art Academy, has been selected to receive the 2013 Victor Fellowship amongst the graduates from undergraduate programs.

The judges, Anna Fox, Photographer and Professor in Photography, The University for the Creative Arts, Farnham and Thomas Joshua Cooper, Professor of Fine Art at The Glasgow Scool of Art motivated their choice as follows:

“This is not my Revolution” speaks for itself – Malin’s work about protest, war and destruction strikes at the heart of our anxiety. She reminds us of how inured we are to brutality in a media saturated world. Her use of formalism and repetition question the throw away nature of much journalistic and vernacular photography coming out of conflict zones and instead she asks us, the viewers, to contemplate war or riot from a different perspective. This perspective has been created through divorcing the subjects from their reality, constructing a kind of intangible anonymity functioning to implicate us all.  Our favorites of her works are the burnt objects and flags that act as traces of political incidents. Remnants from protests, these charred remains, suspended in the snow covered ground where she photographed them, act as metaphors for the crushing of the act of protest around the world. Each burnt object a scar floating in ice – a moment of social activism preserved.